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Trainer | Consultant | Speaking Professional

JD is a Modern Classroom Certified Trainer

Optimizing Results Driven Communication


“Jerry joined our Columbia project as a late addition, and immediately set himself apart by not only hitting our key performance indicators but setting the bar well above our team goals! Jerry was a very quick learner, not just of content, but of the cultural landscape. He was the IDEAL team player, and modeled professionalism in every way!"

T. Davenport, Project Manager | Infopro Learning, Inc. | Microsoft D365 POS Rollout for Columbia Sportswear

The ONE Thing Seminar is a key event for my company, MAPS Business Training. Our Atlanta event on October 11th was very successful, and much of the credit for that success belongs to JD Walker. JD not only delivered as our Host and Emcee (great presence, the audience loved him), and thanks to his knowledge of Atlanta our venue could not have been more perfect, and his recruiting efforts filled the room to overflowing. He was a great partner for my company, and I would encourage other companies to dial him up to be on their national stage as well. Thank you, JD!

S.Kikoszka, President | MAPS Business Training 

Jerry did such an amazing job as the emcee of our retreat!  In fact, we have asked him back again for our spring retreat. His energy, excitement, and his ability to captivate the audience from the word 'go' are reasons you need to have Jerry lead your next event!

C. Wilson, President and Co-Founder | Master Networks, Inc.

"Working with Jerry was such a positive experience for both management and employees. Jerry’s skill set makes him uniquely qualified in building trust and effective communication. Jerry is able to connect with diversified individuals and groups and this connection facilitates success with in the organization."

Jim Kelly, COO Restore Health Group, Inc.

JD is a Communicator.

"You are created to be excellent, not average!"

As a Trainer (virtual, live), Virtual Producer, Consultant, or Speaking Professional, JD has the rewarding experience of leading change for countless women and men in their professional and personal lives.

His ability to connect with audiences of all demographics, remotely or in person, is rooted and grounded in the sincerity with which he engages them. JD's core belief that each of us is a uniquely designed human with excellence hard-wired in, informs his approach.

He is able to up-skill and deliver a knowledge transfer of concepts and systems in such a way as to make training an enjoyable learning experience. Clients appreciate his thoughtful professionalism which empowers and transforms their professional and/or personal lives. 

On behalf of clients and audiences, JD brings:
> ​30+ years of Business Experience
> 12 years as a professional speaker

>  2 years as a Trainer/Producer/Facilitator

He has been consulting and coaching full time since 2017

JD is a Modern Classroom Certified Trainer and brings mastery of the English language in both the written and spoken form.  He has been working the front of the room professionally since 2009. 

As a Speaker and Emcee, his light heart, and unwavering message of encouragement delivers a knockout performance for his audiences, and make him a top choice to lead your event.  

To schedule a free, no-obligation discussion of your organization's needs please go to Contact JD and submit your request for this and other of JD's services. Get on his calendar today!