JD is a Communicator.

"You are created to be excellent, not average."

As a Business Coach with MAPS Business Training of Keller Williams, JD (Jerry) helps his Clients by empowering them with the systems, models, and strategies which have made Keller Williams the Number One training company in the world, across all industries, two years in a row.

Using a co-active approach JD brings the excellence in his Clients to the forefront, identifying not only why they are in the business they're in, but also how their business is central to their goals in life. Blending the two is an art and it is at the heart of MAPS Business Training.

On behalf of clients and audiences, JD brings:
> ​30+ years of Business Experience
> 10 years as a professional speaker

> 8 years as an Author

He has been consulting and coaching full time since 2017

JD's avocations are writing and speaking. He is the author of Define Your Passion: Who are you and why are you here as well as Embrace: Meditations from A Word of Truth. In his spare time, he is writing his first novel, Jonny Pleasant: The Mystery of the Lake Country Killer which is being chronicled in the blog, The Art of a Well-Told Tale (http://jonnypleasant.com).

As a Speaker, his unwavering message is we are created to be excellent in all that we do, and within that to be aware of our responsibility to one another. We are our brother's keeper.

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